Review: Ka Pai

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When people think of New Zealand, they probably think about one of two things; sheep or Lord of the Rings. There is much more going on in New Zealand and many people call the island home in addition to those sheep. One such group is the Maori people. They are the indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand and in Ka Pai, a roll and write by Mads Fløe and White Goblin Games, you are trying to bring together three different tribes of Maori people.

Review: The Quest for El Dorado

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The Quest for El Dorado is Reiner Knizia’s take on the deck-building genre. It has been more than 10 years since the world was introduced to deck-building games with Dominion, but The Quest for El Dorado is Knizia’s first deck-building game. The Quest for El Dorado was released in 2017 by Ravensburger, but as of 2019, there is a new edition with gorgeous art from Vincent Dutrait.

Review: Valley of the Kings: Premium Edition

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As Indiana Jones once said, “If you want to be a good archaeologist, you gotta get out of the library.” If Indiana Jones is right, then how about getting out of the library and into Valley of the Kings, by Tom Cleaver and AEG. I mean technically you could play it in a library and you aren’t really doing any archaeology, but I’d rather play a game than actually dig for artefacts. Does Valley of the Kings: Premium Edition make me feel like a true archaeologist?

Review: Miyabi

Some of the best games out there are simple and elegant designs. Miyabi is definitely trying to be just that, elegant, both in design and in theme. But has the legendary Michael Kiesling succeeded? Or will it end up as one of those games that will be forgotten in time? Let’s find out.

Review: Bloom Town

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Thar’s gold in them thar hills. Wait, what’s that you say? It’s Bloom Town, not Boom Town? Oh, one second then… Thar’s flowers in them thar hills. Is that better? All puns aside, Bloom Town by Sidekick Games, is all about building the best town and the way you do it, is unlike most tile placement games I’ve ever played. So, what makes it so unique?

Review: Trails of Tucana

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I’ve hiked many trails in my life, but never one like the Trails of Tucana. As far as I know Tucana is a fictional location, which is good, because apparently it is full of sea dragons and yetis. I have no desire to hike a trail as dangerous as that one, The question is, is bushwhacking trails in Aporta Games’ Trails of Tucana a different story?