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If you are going to any of the bigger conventions this is the tool for you. It's based on the tool I made for SPIEL '16, but now it's expanded to include multiple conventions and hopefully it can help out more people that way.

If you enjoy using the tool you are also more than welcome to make a donation. I promise you it will be spent on boardgames :)

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What does the tool do?

What can you do with the tool?

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If you like what I’ve done and feel like giving something back, the best thing you can do for me is check out my boardgame review site Tabletop Together, follow it on Twitter and Facebook and share it with your friends.

I hope you'll enjoy the tool and hope to see you at a convention soon :)

Kind Regards,

Peter H. Møller
Tabletop Together

Still to come...

  • Pick-up list - Check of games as you pick them up at a convention
  • Custom tags for games - Add your own custom tages to games

Known Bugs

  • A few games with special chacters in their name can't be found through the search feature

Recent Additions

October '19:
  • Map Feature added
  • Rating calculation changed (along with the Top list)