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Epic Card Game - Feature

No mana, very minimal resources and huge monsters is what makes Epic Card Game different from other dueling card games you may have played before. So, bring your biggest creatures and spells to battle in Epic Card Game.

What is Epic Card Game like?

Normally in a dueling card game there is a slow progress towards the big hitters in your deck, but that’s not the case in Epic. In Epic you start with everything you need to get your biggest hitters out on the field. But, so does your opponent.

Epic is mechanically, a very simple game. Each player gets 30 cards dealt randomly from all of the available cards. There are variants to this, but for the basic game, that is the extent of the “deck-building.”

Each turn the players get one gold to use to summon a character either on their turn or their opponents turn. In the deck there are zero and one-cost cards and on your turn you can play any number of zero-cost cards and one of your one-cost cards. Some cards will even allow you to play in response to your opponent’s action, so saving the gold to use later is a possibility, but if you don’t use it before the end of their turn, you lose it.

Each turn consists of actions, including playing creatures or spells and attacking. You can do as many of each action as you are able and the timing of each card played as well as attacks will provide the strategic choices during the game. When a player decides to attack, the opponent can declare one or more blockers. As long as one blocker is present, the attackers do not hit the player. The current player can follow up with more attacks, however, so defending can be a difficult choice. Plus, characters that attack, cannot block on the opponent’s turn. Keeping a blocker or two in play provides another tough choice. The game continues until one player’s health is reduced to zero.

Epic Card Game - Components


5 / 6

Epic Card Game is a fun game that can be picked up easily and played in a short amount of time which makes for a great game to play when you and a friend simply want to get to the big battles right away. The best part of most dueling games is when you can get your large and powerful cards out and put them to use. In Epic that can happen in round one, so jump in and start beating your opponent up in no time.

The Good

  • Easy rules to pick up quickly
  • The excitement of playing huge creatures quickly replicates late-round play in other dueling card games
  • No deck-building necessary, but available as an option

The Bad

  • The key words on the cards can take a while to remember what they do
  • The luck of the draw can happen with the random cards since some cards only work well with more of the same type

Complexity Level

Complexity Level 2 / 6

Epic Card Game isn’t a difficult game at all to learn. The limited amount of resources available makes for an easy to pick up game. The keywords are the only tricky part of learning the game, but the guide in the rulebook is easily accessible.


  • Players: 2 – 4
  • Playing time: 20 – 40 minutes
  • Suggested age: 13+

A review copy of Epic Card Game was supplied by White Wizard Games

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