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Heldentaufe might sound like a very strange and unappealing title, but as soon as you see the art for the game you see something very beautiful and magical. It looks cute, adventures and magical, and that’s exactly what the game feels like.


The game has taken Simon Junker five years to finish and is inspired by classic computer adventure games (if you ever played those kind of games you can definitely see that). Mathieu Leyssenne has done a truly remarkable job in illustrating this game, it is quite simple gorgeous and captures the whole light adventure feel very well.

Each player controls one of the five heroes and you spend time exploring the peaceful surface, exploring woods, meadows and the like. Collecting items and solving missions. Eventually you find the portals that leads to the Netherworld, where the monsters and big treasures are. What makes it interesting is that it’s actually the other players controls the monsters, so alliance will be forged and broken.

Also, and I must say this is brilliant, they have an online demo of the game, so you can actually give it a try. This gives a very good feel of the game and explains the concepts and rules quite nicely. It’s a great way to see if you like the game or not. You can try the online version by clicking here:

The game might not appeal to the very technical players, but for families, people who love old adventure games and people who like visualizing stunning games this is a must have.


Heldentaufe - Contents

Facts about Heldentaufe

  • Players: 2 – 4
  • Playing time: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Languages: English, German, French and Spanish



Would you like to know more?

Check out the Kickstarter page here:



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