First Impressions: Tiny Towns

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Tiny Towns - Cover

Tiny Towns is a quick puzzle of a game, featuring pattern matching and town building. Players take turns choosing 1 of the games 5 different resources that they then place on their own 4 x 4 grid. Every other player has to take the same resource and place it as well. So why are people doing this? To build various buildings. After you placed a resource on your board, you can build a building, if you have a matching pattern of resources. The buildings will, for the most part, score you points in various ways. Once your board is filled up you’re done.

After my first play of Tiny Towns I wasn’t really that impressed. Sure the game was well designed, had great components, played pretty fast and could support up to 6 people. But I just didn’t really connect with it. Normally this is the end of game for me, but fate had other plans this time.

Second Thoughts

A few days after my initial 5 player game I was home sick, and decided I should give the games solo rules a shot, since it was a short game and I was curious to try out some of the other card/building combinations…

…And I’m so glad I did, because I had a blast!

Even with a slight fever I played 4 solo games of it, back to back. It was really a completely different experience once I knew what to look out for and how the game worked. I loved trying out different strategies and the different combinations of the buildings. The solo implementation is one of the best I’ve tried. Super simple, yet it will cause you some headaches (in a good, not feverish kind of way).

I’m now excited to try the game out again, both as a solo game, and together with other people.

Tiny Towns - Solo
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