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Clean, simple and pleasing to look at, that’s what sushi is, and that’s what Sushi Go! is too. It’s easy to learn and you’ll be having fun in no time trying to get the best sushi for yourself.sushi_go_1


What’s Sushi Go! like?

Sushi Go! is a simple drafting game played over 3 rounds. Depending on how many players you are you start with 7-10 cards in your hand, and then draft these by selecting 1 card to be played and passing the rest to the player to your left. You keep on doing this until all the cards have been played. After each round you score points based on the different sushi (or sushi related things you have). Each thing scores differently. Maki Rolls for instance scores you 6 points if you have the most or 3 if you have the second most, while Tempura scores you 5 points per set of 2. Puddings are a bit different, they don’t score after each round but only at the end of the game (you always save the desert for the end of the meal). At the end of the 3rd round the winner is the player with the most points.



5 / 6

This is one of the very best games to get new people into the glorious hobby of board gaming. The rules are so easy to explain and you’ll be having fun in no time. After playing it a few times you realise that there is more to the game than just getting the best card for yourself, you need to pay attention to what cards you are giving away to the other players too. It’s also quick to play and easy to bring on vacations.



5 / 6

This game is a blast. Easy for new people to pick up and still deep enough to keep people who have play it a couple of times interested.



4 / 6

The theme of sushi shines through the game. Things make sense, like wasabi that makes sushi worth more points. But at the heart of it is still an abstract game about collecting different sets of cards.



5 / 6

The game looks good. The style is very cute and kid friendly but it fits the theme and feel of the game great.



5 / 6

The rules are simple and easy to understand. And easy to teach to others. There is even a good 2-player variant (that’s highly recommended).

Sushi Go! - Salmon Nigiri


  • Players: 2 – 5
  • Playing time: 15 minutes
  • Suggested age: 8+


Would you like to know more?

Check out Gamewright‘s official product page for the rules of the game and more:

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