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Imperial Settlers is an absolutely fabulous game, combining cute art with deep strategical gameplay. It even included four factions to play. But now it gets even better. Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans introduces a fifth faction to the game, the Atlanteans, that will play very differently than any of the other factions.

Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans

We all know Atlantis sunk in the end, wiping the high-tech civilizations of the face of the earth. This is exactly how they work in this expansion. So at the end of the game you will have to say goodbye to all your nice buildings and hope you’ve score enough points to win you the game without them (that’s the way you normally score points in the game).

In addition to adding another faction to the game this also makes the game playable with 1-5 players (instead of to 1-4). It should hit the shelves this August.

If you’ve never heard of Imperial Settlers then don’t despair, a review of the game is already in the works.

Would you like to know more about Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans?

Check out the official mini-site for the expansion here:

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