Welcome to "Tabletop Together Tool"

If you are going to any of the bigger conventions this is the tool for you. It's based on the tool I made for SPIEL '16, but now it's expanded to include multiple conventions and hopefully it can help out more people that way.

If you enjoy using the tool you are also more than welcome to make a donation. I promise you it will be spent on boardgames :)

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If you like what I’ve done and feel like giving something back, the best thing you can do for me is check out my boardgame review site Tabletop Together, follow it on Twitter and Facebook and share it with your friends.

I hope you'll enjoy the tool and hope to see you at a convention soon :)

Kind Regards,

Peter H. Møller
Tabletop Together

Still to come...

  • Pick-up list - Check of games as you pick them up at a convention
  • Custom tags for games - Add your own custom tages to games

Known Bugs

  • A few games with special chacters in their name can't be found through the search feature

Change Log

  • The old "manual save" has been phased out (also autosave have been implemented on the friends page)
  • First preview of the map feature added
  • Minor menu restructure (and new icons)
  • Rating formula tweaked
  • Top Games now corretly only displays 1 of each game
  • SPIEL '19 added
  • Priorities inverted to make more logical sense (highest on top)
  • Gen Con 2019 added
  • Preoder link labels added to games that are available for preorder
  • Auto save enabled as deafault
  • UK Games Expo 2019 list synced with Slickerdrips' GeekList
  • Origins Game Fair added
  • UK Games Expo 2019 added (a lot of manual work to get the list from UKGE site combined with BGG data)
  • All Print pages have been expanded so you can now choose what prioritize to include
  • Import your BGG Preview data feature added
  • Statistics page added - See how much money SPIEL will cost and see what your most popular mechanisms and categories are
  • New priority category has been added. You can enable "limbo" throug Advanced->Settings
  • Comparision page update: You can now prioritize your games directly from the page
  • Print page update: You can now chooese to see only preorder / prepaid things on all print pages
  • Notification system added - You'll now see notifications from time to time
  • Added Friends page
  • Added Comparison page
  • 3 new bulk operations added to the bulk page (mechanism, category and age)
  • Menu and main games page optimized some more for mobile use
  • Added experimental "auto save" feature (can be enabled through Advanced->Settings)
  • Renamed the main Settings menu to Advanced
  • Added "no priority" priority labels (can be enabled through Settings)
  • Added icons to the menus :)
  • Bulk tool added - It's not possble to ignore games not in your prefered language or games that are only DEMO
  • Menu restructuring (to focus on the main features)
  • Added Settings Page
  • Added "shortcut" links to Publishers, Designers, Categories, Mechanisms on the main Games Page (this can be disabled from Settings
  • Essen SPIEL 2018 added
  • GenCon 2018 added
  • Minor tweaks to the print pages
  • Origins Game Fair 2018 added
  • UK Games Expo 2018 added
  • The print pages that are sorted by hall can now be sorted by priority for each hall (also priority can now be added to the checklist prints)
  • Added a new way to filter on player numbers (where you just enter one number at get all games that support that number)
  • Improved the mails sent by the system (AOL, Hotmail / Outlook should now recieve the confirmation mails)
  • Minor bug-fixes
  • New "Categories & Mechanisms" page added (can be found under "Games")
  • "Top Games" not doesn't include publishers as default (but can be added through "Options"
  • "Top Games" can now also be accessed publicly
  • "Save all" button added to the "Games" page (all individual ones removed)
  • Minor tweaks to notes and images on the "Games" page
  • Rating formula tweaked (now focuses more on internal data)
  • Minor bug-fixes (and spelling errors fixed) for the print pages
  • Add "Priority" back to the "Top Games" page (now shows your highest priority if there are several versions of the game)
  • Added Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch to the language filter
  • Added "Exclude games with no language defined" feature to filtering
  • Added video link to games with a video attached
  • Added search option to the main menu (searches for names of games and publishers)
  • Added "pagination" (100 games per page)
  • Updated "demo" label to make it stand out more
  • Split filtering and sorting - It should now be easier to sort the main games list
  • Added sorting by Date added to sorting options
  • Added shortcuts to "Top Games" so it's possible to prioritize based on the "Rating"
  • Added sorting by Publisher to filtering options
  • Updated "Top Games" so the ratings are more accurate (the rating of the same game from different publishers is now added together)
  • Optimized the main "Games" page
  • Added "options" to the "Top Games" page (you can now chose how many games to see and to remove priority)
  • Added 2 new printable checklist (sorted by hall/booth or by priority)
  • Added a filtering option for English, German and French
  • Updated "rating" formula and added a note of it to the "Top Games" page
  • Bugfix: Top Games page (expansions)
  • Essen SPIEL 2017 added
  • Added language of games
  • Added categories and mechanisms
  • Rating system changed
  • "Top Games & Expansions" page now updated to include your priority (and you can easily change it from there)
  • Minor renaming in the menu
  • Gen Con 2017 addded
  • Removed convention choice from log-in
  • Made a seperate page for choosing a default convention (after log-in)
  • Added publication year to all games
  • Bug fix: Account reset and change password will now redirect you to the correct pages
  • Bug fix: The automatic import tool had problems importing many of the newer games
  • "Top Games & Expansions" now incorporates "thumbs" from the BGG list (to make the rankings better)
  • Added "demo" label to "Top Games & Expansions" and expansions page
  • Added better description to the main page
  • "Bug fix: Share page did not get publisher information
  • Bug fix: The activationg and reset e-mails had incorrect links
  • "Skip" renmamed to "Maybe"
  • You can now include "Maybes" on your prints
  • You can now include "Maybes" on your prints
  • Initial launch of the "Tabletop Together Tool" (based on "SPIEL Together")
  • SSL security added on all pages
  • Now supports mulitple conventions
  • Currency is now convention specific
  • The number of top games and expansions is now convention specific
  • UK Games Expo 2017 added
  • Origins Game Fair 2017 added
  • Hall information will only be visible if the convention has halls (currently that's only Essen SPIEL)