Welcome to "SPIEL Together"

Like so many other I’ve found the “Essen Geek” tool an absolute must for planning my trip to Essen SPIEL. But since it was not updated this year I have taken it upon myself to create my own version of the tool to help me (and everyone else) out.

My time is limited, but I managed to get a workable tool up and running that I’ll be using. I hope you will find it useful too.

If you like what I’ve done and feel like giving something back the best thing you can do for me is check out my boardgame review and interview site Tabletop Together, follow it on Twitter and Facebook and share it with your friends.

You are also more than welcome to make a donation. I promise you it will be used on boardgames :)

Enjoy and see you all at Essen SPIEL :)

Kind Regards,

Peter H. Møller
Tabletop Together

Still to come...

  • Nothing planned at the moment...

Known Bugs

  • Sometimes when you click "Other information" the screens jumps to another location

Change Log

  • Games without publishing information now apprear at the bottum of the "Print - Hall and Booth List" page
  • Manually added pulbishing infomration to the games missing it (that are not self-published)
  • Prepaid option for games (price will be included in it's own total)
  • Total prices now includes a not on how many games that don't have a price
  • Filtering and sorting page now includes options to select only the priorities you want to look at
  • Filtering and sorting options should now be on all pages under "Games"
  • Filtering and sorting is now collapsed as default
  • Added the option of adding notes to the prints (both general and hall specific)
  • Added "SPIEL Together Score" to all games (the one from "Top Games")
  • You can now sort by "SPIEL Together Score"
  • Added total prices for the overview and print pages
  • Filtering page updated with help text and more options:
  • You have more options for "demo only" games (include, exclude, show only demo games). Default is "exclude"
  • You have more options for "expansions" (include, exclude, show only expansions). Default is "include"
  • You can now filter on exact matches for min and max players
  • You can now sort games by BGG Thumbs
  • New "All" page added with the option of basic filtering and sorting (also included options for excluding expansions and including demo only games)
  • "Prices" has been modified to include information on the availability of the game (purchasable or just available for demoing). It is now called "Price and availability"
  • General stats removed from "Stats" and it has been renamed back to the original "Top Games"
  • Added a "Prices" page under "Contribute" where you can globally insert prices for the games (this price will then appear on all the other pages)
  • Added general stats to the "Top Games" page (that has now been renamed to "Stats")
  • Re-introduced the "confirm publisher" pages under "Contribute" (after running through all the games first)
  • Minor bug-fixes
  • Added a print page (for the "normal" list) that doesn't include images of the games for
  • Added a "all games" page that's ordered alphabetically
  • Added a print page (Hall and Booth) that doesn't include images of the games
  • Print pages optimized (background colours now included)
  • Optimized the Top Games page (should load a lot faster now)
  • Minor optimization to the main lists
  • Added optional "name" to the share page + an option to show your comments on it
  • CSV Export
  • Print pages optimized
  • Menu updated
  • Added a small "advert" for Tabletop Together om print and share page
  • Headline and "empty" description added to the main list
  • Added sharing page where you can a link you can share with your friends so they can see your list
  • An additional print page sorted by hall, booth, priority
  • Menu updated ("publisher contribution" page removed)
  • The tool now handles multiple publishers for the same game (but it's a bit of a manuel job to clean them up)
  • Manually updated to games with multiple publishers (if you find any I missed let me know)
  • Added "expandable" description for the games that had descriptions on the "SPIEL 2016 Preview" GeekList
  • Added a new page for confirming the main publisher (the one that sells the game) for games that had more than one publishers. Using this tool I also cleaned up the current games with multiple publishers
  • Menu updated
  • First print page added (prints wants, needs and likes)
  • List are now sorted by priority, then name
  • "Hyped Games" page improved and renamed (now includes links and is split up into games and expansions)
  • Menu is a little different now (to make room for more pages). It should now also work on mobile devices
  • The first draft of the "Publisher" page has been completed. This is where you are more than welcome to input hall and booth info for all the publishers (I'm not able to extract it automatically). The list is global so any updates you make will help out everyone
  • If a booth number is set for a publisher it now shows up as part of the overview of games (after the name of the publisher)
  • Added new "Hyped Games" page.
  • Extended log-in length to 3 hours
  • Added expansion label to expansion
  • 2 player games should now display correctly as 2 players
  • Initial "alpha" release