So you want to know more about us? Well you’re in luck because here you can find out more about each of crew behind Tabletop Together.

Peter H. Møller

Peter H. Møller

The big lovable teddybear behind Tabletop Together. He’s the “big bad” editor, but also does reviews. While he’s actually very bad a most games, he still enjoys getting beaten by his friends. He’s mostly into euro games, but he thinks theme and visual presentation plays a big role in games. He lives in Aarhus (Denmark) with his wife and dachshund Spock (yes he’s a Trekkie).

Favourite mechanism(s): Deck building, Worker/dice placement
Favourite theme(s): Sci-fi, Fantasy
Favourite game(s): Clank!, Imperial Settlers, T.I.M.E. Stories
Favourite designer(s): Bruno Cathala, Ryan Laukat


Jacob Engelbrecht-Gollander

The reviewer with the largest Japanese and Asian games collection. Always on the lookout for a new original and/or quirky game idea or theme. He likes low luck games with a high level of interaction. If the game can be finished in 90 minutes it’s a big plus. He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife and two children who aren’t named after Star Trek characters, but he still loves trek.

Favourite mechanism(s): Worker placement, Engine building
Favourite theme(s): City building
Favourite game(s): Keyflower, Dogs of War, Suburbia
Favourite designer(s): Richard Beese, Vital Lacerda, Marco Canetta, Stefania Niccolini


Eline Jansens

A fervent instagrammer that took on the challenge to capture the beauty of boardgames in words too. Adding a feminine touch to the Tabletop Together crew. Though rather a bad boy at heart instead of a polished princess. Always up for games that offer dice placement and -manipulation. Undeterred to practice the latter on players too ;)! She lives in Antwerp – Belgium, sharing her everyday life and cardboard adventures with the best boyfriend. Allergic to cats and dogs, might get a goldfish.

Favourite mechanism(s): Dice placement, Real time, Cooperative
Favourite theme(s): Space exploration, Industry / Manufacturing, Asian
Favourite game(s): Alien Frontiers, Manhattan Project (Energy Empire), Ghost Stories
Favourite designer(s):